Aluminum Sprocket Guard

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Aluminum Sprocket Guard for Racing Go Karts, primarily for 4-Stroke engines like Briggs 206 or Honda Clone. Sprocket Guard is made of 2 large pieces and hardware, and protects the sprocket and chain from edge of track, debris, and prevents thrown chains and sad racers!


The sprocket guard is a great accessory for racers who compete at tracks where curbs are present, or those who might have a torque-prone motor mount, either condition can cause torque on the drive train system, making chains more sprocket to come off the sprocket, which can lead to time spent on the side of the track. Especially during a race, this isn't good!

Using a sprocket guard helps to keep dirt and debris out of the power train, and curbs at bay by serving as a barrier between the sprocket and intruders. Believe us - we've found the edge of the track a time or two, and guards are a great preventative measure to keep the chain on the sprocket. There is no guarantee for a bulletproof drive train system, but sprocket guards are a massive step in the right direction.

Technical Details

Each aluminum sprocket guard is anodized black in color, and mounts to a standard 6-point sprocket hub. Integrated stanchions help create space between guard components and sprocket and chain, so that no internal rubbing or interference occurs.

Once mounted, outer diameter of the guard is 9" (230mm).

Each sprocket guard kit comes as pictured, with (4) sprocket guard pieces and mounting hardware.

Note: Due to the additional width between the edges of each sprocket guard outer edge, sprocket attachment bolts will need to be longer than on normal chain attachment systems.