Aluminum Kid Kart Wheels

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Aluminum go kart wheels (rims) for Kid Karts. Available in both chrome and satin black. These wheels are ideal for Kid Kart racing go-karts, with drivers aged 5-8 years old.


Each rim is provided in the standard metric / European bolt pattern of 3/58, and can come in a satin black or chrome finish. These rims, not quite as light weight as the LW Kid Kart rims, are still solid performers, and feature the ability to run a tire at a larger circumference, lowering rolling resistance, and allowing for lower tire pressures to be run as well.

Available Sizes

These wheels are available in a variety of wheel widths - as narrow as 3.25" to up to 4.5" in width. Generally, the more narrow the rim width, the smaller the contact patch on the ground for the tire, and the less rolling resistance you have.

Each rim is sold separately. Curious if this rim will fit your kid kart well? Contact us before ordering if you need to!