Aluminum Countersunk Seat Washer for Go Kart

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Aluminum Countersunk Seat Washers for kart seats by Swift. These seat washers are perfect for mounting go kart seats, seat struts, and more! Choose from various colors, available here. 
Manufactured from aluminum, each countersunk seat washer is designed to make low-profile seat bolt mounting an option for M8 countersunk and tapered seat bolts.
The washer is in dimensions M8 Hole Diameter x 4.2mm Height, 34mm Outer Diameter
  • Aluminum Countersunk Seat Washer by IKP.
    • The countersunk design makes for low-profile seat mounting option for M8 countersunk / tapered seat bolts. 
  • Available in several anodized color solutions: 
    • Gold
    • Black
    • Silver 'Titanium'
  • Washer dimensions: M8 x 4.2mm x 34mm
    • 8mm Inner Diameter (ID)
    • Overall height: 4.2mm
    • 34mm Outer Diameter (OD)
  • Each seat washer sold individually.