AiM MyChron Speed Sensor Collar (w/Magnet)

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AiM MyChron Speed Sensor Collar, with Magnet. This collar fits onto the rear axle of your kart to work with the speed sensor to provide the best data for your kart's rear wheel speed!


MyChron's speed sensor collars are designed to work with your MyChron 4 or 5 (with expansion pack) to accurately trace the speed of your rear axle. Integrated set screws help keep the collar on the axle in the correct location.

The Use of A Rear Axle Collar

To further increase the accuracy of the speed trace, AiM recommends using this device with the addition of a rear axle collar. The collar already has a magnet placed inside it, and is available for 30, 32 (fits 1.25"), 40mm, 50mm axles.

Note: Point Karting recommends setting the distance between the collar and sensor between 8-20mm, per AiM manual suggestions.