AiM MyChron Speed Sensor

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AiM MyChron Speed Sensor. This sensor plugs into the back of standard MyChron 4 and 5s models, with a 4 Pin connection (make sure your unit can accept this!). Modern MyChron 5 units will need an expansion pack to utilize this sensor.


MyChron's speed sensor is designed to sense wheel speed, with the aid of a collar or by placing within the circumference area of the axle while vehicles is in motion.

The sensor cable is approximately 1,700mm in length, which is usually more than enough to route from the MyChron location to the sensor location on most karts. If not, patch cables are available by contacting Point Karting.

The Use of A Rear Axle Collar

To further increase the accuracy of the speed trace, AiM recommends using this device with the addition of a rear axle collar. The collar already has a magnet placed inside it, and is available for 30, 32 (fits 1.25"), 40mm, 50mm axles.

Note: Point Karting recommends setting the distance between the collar and sensor between 8-20mm, per AiM manual suggestions.

If you would like a rear axle collar with the order of this sensor, please let us know at checkout in the order notes, and specify your axle size!