AiM Mychron Magnetic Lap Receiver

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AiM MyChron Magnetic Lap Receiver. This cable and accessory connects to the MyChron 4 system to receive magnetic triggering from a loop within the track, causing your MyChron to read lap times. It can also be used to collect split times.


MyChron's magnetic sensor is designed to sense lap times by a magnetic triggering of the sensor when the kart travels over an underground loop or solid metal object to induce a current by moving the magnetic field. This sensor is more commonly used on fleet / concession karts at tracks where changes to the track surface or sub-surface are minimal.

Installation Tips

To properly install this sensor, make sure the receiver is placed using Velcro or non-magnetic screws. the receiver should be installed in a direction parallel to the vehicle's traditional trajectory, and away from water, oil, or fuel spillage, as well as sources of heat.


Please note: This is a special-order item. Please allow some extra time for fulfillment of this sensor.