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Sensors for the AiM MyChron line of data analysis computers for racing go karts. The MyChron is one of the best tools a kart racer can use to find your laptimes, water temperature, exhaust temperature, and more! 
Sensors my AiM to fit the MyChron 4 or 5 system come in many different configurations. To start with, consider what application of kart you have - what sensor options will make the most sense? For an air-cooled motor, exhaust temperature or head temperature might be the best choice. For those engines with radiators, a water temperature sensor may be more ideal. 
The sensors presented here also come in many different connection configurations. Note that for a MyChron 5, only one additional sensor can be used without the use of an expansion pack! The MyChron 5 2T, on the other hand, can accept up to (2) sensors. 
For many sensors, a patch cable may be required. Depending on your MyChron model and existing cables, the sensor that must be used will vary:
  • "Yellow" sensors may utilize a mignon or 'dual-prong' connector. In this case, select a sensor that works with this type of sensor. 
  • Other sensors may mate only to a patch cable, which mounts to the back of the MyChron 5 2T and 'patches' into the sensor via a smaller 4-prong attachment. 

Lastly, pay attention to the contact points on your MyChron. Note that on the MyChron 5, a 3-point connector pin, or attachment point is used. This is called a binder connector. On the MyChron 5 2T this attachment strategy is also used, but features an 8-point contact binder connector. This means that sensors used on the MyChron 5 may not be able to attach to the MyChron 5 2T without the right patch cables. 

Sensor Options Available:
  • Water Temperature Sensor  - (Approx 27.0mm Long, M10 fitting, needs patch cable)
  • Exhaust Gas Temperature - M5 Fitting "Short" (Approx 33.0mm Long, M5 fitting, needs patch cable w/Mignon 2-Prong Connector)
  • Patch Cable - 136mm Length Total (Binder Connector with 1 EA Thermoresistor and Thermocouple connectors - used with MyChron 5 2T to connect sensors to unit)
      • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (Long)
      • Exhaust Gas Temperature Sensor (Short)
      • Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (14mm, Long)
      • Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor (14mm, Short)