AiM MyChron 5 Battery Charger Components

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Charging cable and battery holder for the AiM MyChron 5 lithium-ion battery used on the MyChron 5 karting data logger. This kit includes the battery charging adapter and the charging cable with integrated USB power attachment.

The coiled cable seen here attaches to any standard USB port or phone-charging puck. When powered, this then attaches to the MyChron 5 battery charge adapter, upon which the battery sits. Integrated charging pins mate with the battery, and a circular magnet holds the battery in place on the charger. 

On the adapter, a LED light will flicker red when the battery is charging, and stay solid green when the charge is complete, meaning the battery is ready to use. 

Note: Point Karting recommends charging your MyChron 5 battery the evening before a track day or race day use. Left overnight, this will give the battery plenty of time to charge, without anyone being rushed. Make sure the battery sits properly on the charging adapter before leaving it to charge! The red light will blink red as the battery charges - if you don't see this, re-adjust the battery on the charging adapter. 

Each charge kit is available as individual components, or as a complete kit including the MyChron 5 Lithium-Ion Replacement Battery

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