AiM MyChron 5s Data Logger

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NOTE: Currently These Data loggers are on back order. Please anticipate lead time on your order at this time of ordering! 
  • MyChron 5s Data Logger by AiM, Kart Smarter.
    • Ideal for the modern kart racer!
    • Logger mounts to steering wheel of most karts, and gives real-time lap time information, as well as RPM, water temperature, speed, and additional information depending on the accessories included. 
    • The industry standard data logger system, bridging the gap between what you think you know on track, to what is really going on. 
    • A MUST if you want to enhance your driving performance and capture the best lap time and performance information. 
  • Built in GPS capability utilizes an extensive database of real-world kart tracks, and also 'learns' new ones for precise driving line, acceleration, and speed read outs for enhanced driving knowledge.
  • Multi-configuration settings within main menu allow for logger to best perform for 4-Cycle, 2-Cycle engines, with clutch, gearbox, or direct drive setups. 
  • Integrated Wifi antenna makes connection to laptop for analysis a snap, a major enhancement over the MyChron 4 logger.  
  • 3-Axis accelerometer and gyro allows for precise analysis of steering angle, longitudinal braking and acceleration forces, and kart handling feedback. 
  • Ultra-precision GPS system connects to several satellites at once, to give the most precise information based on real-time GPS location. 
  • "Smart" time sensor allows for night-vision mode enabled depending on day or night racing. 
  • Each logger comes with: 
    • Detachable and re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery (with USB charging cable and adapter).
    • Temperature sensor and appropriate patch cable depending on option selected.
    • RPM wire and spark plug connector. 
    • MyChron 5s technical manual and AiM stickers.
    • Configurable alarm LED's.
    • Configurable shift-light LED's.
  • Logger is available with the following sensor options:
    • Water Temperature (sensor mounts in-line with water supply pipe for shifter kart, TaG engines or in cylinder head fitting depending on application or motor). 
    • Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor 14mm Diameter (ideal for Briggs 206, most TaG engines).
    • Cylinder Head Temperature Sensor 10mm (For Briggs World Formula).
    • Exhaust Gas Temperature (will require welding of threaded bung onto exhaust pipe per engine manufacturer recommendations. 
  • Each logger sold separately. Additional sensors are available separately.