AiM MyChron 5 Lithium-Ion Battery

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AiM MyChron 5 rechargeable battery for the MyChron 5 data logger. Lithium-ion battery affixes to the back of the MyChron and powers the device. These are surprisingly easy to lose at the track, so having a spare is always a good idea!

Each battery is re-chargeable via the charging tool shown in the image gallery, which is sold separately. Once charged, this battery will give the MyChron a fair bit of battery life, between 6-8 hours of operation time.

The batteries come with integrated machine screws to aid in affixing it to the back side of the logger. A small 'jewelers' type screw driver is ideal for tightening these screws.

Note: Avoid leaving this battery in extremely cold or hot conditions. This can cause the battery to fail or prematurely begin to power cycle poorly.

Each battery is sold separately, with no additional hardware. Chargers are available separately here.