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MultiChron stop watch for serious kart racers, by AiM MyChron. Time up to 4 racing vehicles at a time with this stop watch by motorsport's data acquisition leader! Keep on top of the pace of your competitors in real-time, or track sector times with this stop watch! Time up to (4) different competitors at one time with the Multi-Chron.

With a tough exterior, easy-to-read display, and multiple timing settings, the MultiChron is a fantastic item to have in your toolbox.


The MultiChron tracks up to four different vehicles or racers simultaneously, with the ability to have 1/100 second accuracy. A 25.5 x 29mm display means that the timing numbers are easy to read, and each channel can track up to 99 laps prior to re-setting.

If you want to know what your best lap from a session was, no worries! The MultiChron has you covered. With onboard memory active, the MultiChron will show you the best lap time of the session, or of multiple saved sessions.

The MultiChron comes in the box with a lanyard and battery. You're ready to head to the track straight out of the box. Worried about draining the battery quickly? No worries - the Multi-Chron turns off after a period of racer inactivity with regard to pushing buttons, while still saving previous data.

Each MultiChron comes with batteries already installed and a neck lanyard.

Stop Watch Modes

AiM knows you're paying a lot for a stop watch when you purchase a MultiChron. But, they've made sure you get a lot for your money! The MultiChron features two starting modes:

  • "One Start" mode allows you to activate the start for all competitors at once, by pressing one button. This is super helpful for an event where racers all start at the same time (pretty much any kart race!)
  • "Multi-Start" mode allows you to activate the start of each competitor separately. This is great for practice, where different competitors may go on and off the track at various times.
  • "Split Times" mode allows you to use the various stop watches built into the unit to take split times, helpful for determining which area of a lap a driver may be struggling the most in, or tracking the progress of a lap in real time.
  • 'One Key' mode is a super special mode - have a pack of karts all together? You can hit the stop watch for all (4) drivers at once allowing you to attribute timing to each racer - this is useful if drivers start apart from a pack and them come together, allowing for accurate timing despite battling for position!

Here's a link to the AiM MultiChron user guide for learning a little more about these modes!

Technical Details

Display Size: 29mm Tall x 25.5mm Width

Weight: 100 gram / 0.25 lb (with batteries)

Precision: 1/100 Second

Storage Capacity: 99 consecutive laps, with up to 9 splits per lap

Batteries Required: 3V (2 required)