Righetti 9.0 Liter Fuel Tank

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9.0 Liter fuel tank for racing go karts by Righetti Ridolfi. Ideal for high-flow fuel systems such as 2-cycle karts and shifter karts. This fuel tank is one of the largest available for racing karts, an excellent choice if your kart loves to drink fuel or needs to run a lot of laps!


At 9.0 Liters, these fuel tanks are big - majorly big - if you need more fuel than this for your stint, you might need to let off the throttle a bit! (We don't normally say that).

Ideal for shifter karts or fuel systems that require a large amount of fluid volume to operate the engine, this tank is oversized for most applications. If you are running an IAME SSE 175, ROK GP, ROK Shifter, or other high-powered shifter kart engine, this tank might be for you!

Fitting a fuel tank to your kart is no easy matter - manufactured by Righetti Ridolfi, these tanks are designed to fit a variety of karts. Naturally, these tanks are intended to fit Righetti Ridolfi-manufactured karts. Cross-check the threaded insert height for fitment of your kart chassis to make sure that the tank fits properly!

Fuel tank comes as tank only, with no caps, fittings, lines, or fixture bolts.

  • See also Fuel Tank Accessories kit, which includes fuel cap, main fuel plenum line, with weighted end, and fittings for primary and auxiliary fuel lines, is available separately.
Ideal For: Full size chassis floortray to mount bolt
Height: 175mm
Total Tank Height: 270mm