Hilliard Inferno Clutch Shoe Retainer Spacer (Flame / Fire)

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Clutch Shoe Spacer with integral key for Hilliard Inferno Flame and Fire clutches. This spacer is vital to keep clutch springs and shoes in place during operation of the Hilliard clutch. This spacer is 1/8" in width, by 2.25" in diameter, and fits over a 3/4" clutch bore.

This item is item #5 in the Hilliard Clutch Exploded Diagram.


A vital component for proper function of your Hilliard clutch, this spacer prevents 'float' of clutch springs during operation of the Inferno Flame or Fire clutches. Also it provides a little added protection from grease / track environments that augment the protection afforded by the grease guard.

The integrated keyway cut out keeps the spacer from floating away or rotating during operation of the engine and clutch. Over time, this keyway can get banged up or chewed up, but this is a fairly slow process. Over time, however, replacement of this spacer is advisable.

Each spacer is manufactured from stainless steel for impact resistance and friction reduction.

Note: Point Karting recommends regularly inspecting this component, because the keyway can start to wear, and will eventually shear if regular maintenance and proper clutch overhang / offset are not maintained.

Each spacer is sold separately, with no additional hardware.