DR 8-Point Eccentrics

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DR Kart 8-Point Spindle Eccentrics. Ideal for setting the caster and camber on your racing go kart. In particular, these eccentrics are designed to fit well on modern DR Kart chassis, as well as CRG or Zanardi models.

  • Milled aluminum component, anodized gold for durability.
  • 8-position adjustment for fine-tuning camber / caster on your kart.
  • Sets into spindle yolk and fits both 8 or 10mm king pins (depending on bushing utilized).
  • Typically found and used on full-size chassis for DR, CRG, and Zanardi (and other CRG-derivatives) from pre-2012 before advent of Sniper SA1 caster camber adjustment system.
  • Each sold individually.