8.5 Liter Fuel Tank

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8.5 Liter fuel tank for racing go karts. This is the most common fuel tank available for full-size kart chassis, and is likely the one you want for your kart! At 8.5 liter, this fuel tank can hold approximately 2.5 gallons, which is more than enough fuel for most kart engines.


Ideal for mid-size and full-size kart chassis, this 8.5 Liter fuel tank is perfect for a variety of kart chassis, engines, and categories. This tank will hold nearly 2.5 gallons of fuel, which is plenty for most kart classes.

Check out the image in the photo gallery - this shows critical dimensions of the tank you must double-check to make sure the tank will fit your kart chassis properly. Double-check the height of the threaded insert for the fuel tank butterfly clamp - if this is incorrect, the tank will not fit. Measure vertically the height from the floor tray.

    • Fuel Tank comes as tank only, with no caps, fittings, lines, or fixture bolts.
    • A Righetti Ridolfi Fuel Tank Accessories Kit, which includes fuel cap, main fuel plenum line, with weighted end, and fittings for primary and auxiliary fuel lines, is available separately.