5-Gallon Plastic Fuel Jug

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5-Gallon plastic fuel jug for racing go karts and motorsports applications. This is one of the most important tools every racer needs to be prepared to go to the track! Durable, easy to carry, and UV and chemical resistant, these Scribner 5-gallon fuel jugs are built to last!


Every racing vehicle needs fuel. Go karts are no different! Whether you're running pump gas, methanol, pre-mixed fuels, or some other sort of jungle juice in your engine, chances are you will need a fuel jug to store and safely transport this from the shop to the track. Scribner's 5-gallon Utility Jug is the industry standard for a reason. Durable, reliable, and racer-tested, these fuel containers are a common sight at race tracks across the country. 

Available in several colors, these fuel containers come with an integrated carry handle, a heavy-duty threaded container cap, and molded fluid volume marks right on the side of the container. This last feature is great for all racers, especially those that need to accurately mix fuel and oil for 2-cycle engine applications. 

Another great feature of these fuel containers is an integrated 'air bleed' valve. When opened, rapid pouring of the fuel container is made possible by allowing air pressure to equalize in the container and the outside environment. 

**Note**: These fuel containers are NOT sold with a fuel jug hose. These are available separately within our "Pit Essentials" section of Point Karting.