Righetti 5.0 Liter Fuel Tank

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5.0 Liter Fuel Tank by Righetti Ridolfi. This fuel tank is ideal for mid-size and cadet kart chassis. The fuel tank is complete and ready to install into your kart chassis!


Ideal for mid-size or cadet chassis, as well as full-size karts that do not need as much fuel-carrying capacity. This tank is commonly used for Junior 2 categories, but will fit many cadet karts and full-size chassis as well.

For more information regarding the overall tank dimensions and details, check out the photo in the image gallery for this tank - this will tell you important information including the fuel-tank butterfly height as well as installation height for the threaded insert in the tank.

  • Fuel Tank comes as tank only, with no caps, fittings, lines, or fixture bolts.
  • A Righetti Ridolfi Fuel Tank Accessories Kit that includes fuel cap, main fuel plenum line, with weighted end, and fittings for primary and auxiliary fuel lines is available separately.
  • Ideal For: Junior, full - size chassis
    Floortray to mount bolt height: 170mm
    Total tank height: 240mm