VLR Emerald Axle Collar, Split (40mm)

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Axle Collar for 40mm go kart axles. Designed to fit perfectly on every VLR Emerald racing go kart axle! These collars help prevent the rear axle shifting laterally during intense cornering, and can also be a great addition to prevent hubs or on-axle components from migrating left or right on the axle as well.
Milled from billet aluminum, each axle collar here is intended for 40mm axle applications. Composed of two half-collar pieces with attaching hardware, the collar is a great addition to any kart to prevent axle slip or keep hubs from moving around on the axle. (2) M6 threaded socket-head bolts tighten the collar-halves together, completing a tight joint around the axle to prevent any lateral play of the system.
The collar also has a notched component ideal for fitting over an axle keyway found on the VLR Emerald (8mm x 6mm tall).
Each collar is made from high-grade aluminum alloy, and comes anodized in a satin black finish, with the 0039 logo proudly emblazoned on the outer face of the collar.
Each collar is sold separately. Note that this collar will fit a variety of racing karts with 40mm axles, not just VLR karts.