#35 RLV Reaper Kart Chain (Low Drag)

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#35 Pitch Xtreme Reaper Chain by RLV. The new Reaper is here to provide low-friction performance to the most serious 4-cycle kart racers. With a new innovative roller-pin design, the reaper provides enhanced performance over previous models, and outstanding on-track power for the Briggs 206 engine package. 

Within the signature red-flame box, the Reaper features chrome-finished roller pins, with dye-cut grooves incised into each pin. This gives the chain a loose, free feeling and on-track performance without sacrificing durability. 

The Reaper is available in multiple chain lengths - 106 or 120 link. 

Each chain is sold separately.

Note: Take caution when mounting this chain. With improved low-rolling-resistance comes a higher potential to throw this chain if care is not taken to align the front and rear sprockets! Those with low-quality motor mounts are not recommended to run this chain.