#35 Split Axle Sprockets

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#35 Go Kart Split Axle Sprocket. Available in a variety of sprocket tooth counts from 53 to 85. Ideal for LO206 and inboard drive systems. Adjust your kart gear ratio when utilizing a #35 chain by using these split axle sprockets! Durable, heavy-duty, and easy to change on the fly at the track due to the split nature. Red anodized for additional hardness, stamped in half with sprocket tooth count to identify sprocket tooth count.

#35 pitch sprockets and chains are considered more durable than #219 drive trains, but the larger pitch sacrifices some granularity in refining gear ratio, as there are fewer driver and axle sprocket combinations available.

Each sprocket is sold separately. Most karters have several sprockets on hand to alter gear ratio as they see fit. Depending on your ideal go kart application, a wide arrange of gear ratios are available. That's why there are so many sprockets to choose from!

Need help understanding gear ratio or selecting the right gearing for your karting application? Reach out to us at pointkarting@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you!