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30mm Kart Axles by Swift. Ideal for a variety of racing go karts of the cadet kart chassis variety. If you're looking for an axle to replace your OEM axle to reduce rotating weight or have additional handling performance, the Swift variety of axles is perfect! Available in soft or medium axle rate varieties. All axles are cut for both 2-Cycle and 4-Cycle applications and drive train uses.

These axles can be sold with axle keys or just as the axle. 


Swift's approach to axles is to provide the best axle possible for an economical price point. The 30mm variant of Swift's line of axles is no different!

At 1020mm width, the axle can be cut to a length desired depending on what you need - many cadet karts require a narrower- axle, sometimes 970, 960, or even 950mm. Take a saw, cut down the axle, and you're set! Extra keyway area is left over on the Swift axle to accommodate the width you need if narrower than the stock 1020mm.

The soft axle is 2.5mm thick, and is ideal for karts that need reduced grip performance for tracks that will be slightly more rough, or with additional rubber on the track surface.

The medium axle is 3.0mm thick, and is ideal for most applications or 'green' race tracks for most racing karts. Keep one of these in your chassis or as a spare if you need a neutral set up option for your chassis.

Each axle is keyed universally, to fit traditional 6mm diameter, 2-peg keyways with a 30mm spacing. Many keyways will fit, but the recommended keys are the K485 or K485B (low profile key)