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Battery Charging Kit for Rotax Racing Kart Engines, part RTX.265148. This battery charger plugs right into the harness for your Rotax engine, and allows you to charge and top-off the kart battery in between sessions.


The Rotax battery charging kit comes with a complete metering system to control flow of current to the battery while charging. A 5mm coaxial cable end plugs right into the power plug on the Rotax wiring harness.

Each charger is designed to meter the current flowing to the battery to ensure safe charging of the battery. As the Rotax engine does not have an alternator associated with it, and utilizes battery power to run the ignition module, keeping your battery topped off is really important!

Note: Each kit sold in the USA comes with a "US Style" wall socket. Note that this charge kit is adaptable to different wall socket types, but keep this in mind when ordering this from us if outside of the USA!