#219 Xtreme High-Performance Kart Chain

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#219 Xtreme high performance racing kart chain. Ideal for low-to-medium horsepower racing go kart engines that utilize #219 chain pitch sprockets and drive train. These chains come in a variety of lengths, complete in neat packaging, with parchment paper pre-oiled to prevent drying out of the chain during storage.


The Xtreme high-performance chains are known for their outstanding performance while maintaining a solid price point. Each Xtreme chain features Gold-on-Gold roller pins, finished and stamped with a 'chrome-izing' process for additional strength.

Available in a variety of chain lengths, from 102 - 114 links.

Each chain comes in the box pictured, assembled. To adjust chain length, one may want to invest in a chain breaker, or consider the ideal chain length for your application (for many racers, between 108 - 112 link length is fairly close).