RLV #219 "Black Diamond" Sprockets (Split)

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#219 Aluminum Go Kart Sprockets, Split-Style for racing go karts. Manufactured of durable 7075 aluminum alloy, these Black Diamond sprockets by RLV USA are the toughest on the market, and offer outstanding service life, no matter your kart engine or torque! The split-sprocket design makes these perfect for inboard-drive sprocket setups like the Briggs 206 or Tillotson racing engine.
What Makes the Black Diamond Sprocket Special?
When RLV Tuned Exhaust introduces a new product to the market, you know they're coming prepared. Thorough testing and a variety of alloy mixtures produced the Black Diamond, the replacement to the venerable "Black Magic" sprockets loved by racers for years. Anodized in black with a laser-etched finish, each Black Diamond sprocket is cut with care to run true, and last longer than the industry standard sprocket.
Additional gun-drilled holes throughout the sprocket line ensure minimal rotating mass without detracting from durability. In fact, new anodizing and finishing processes by RLV has resulted in a 25% increase in service life of the sprocket over previous models. When you choose the Black Diamond sprocket, you're choosing the best on the market.
Available Tooth Counts
The Black Diamond sprocket is available in tooth counts from 64-tooth to 90 tooth. For lower-horsepower categories, typically a sprocket in the mid 60-70-tooth range is popular. A mid-range 2-cycle engine may need a 75-85 tooth sprocket. Choose tooth counts higher than this for ultra-short, technical kart tracks.