PKT 17mm Spindle Spacers

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17mm Spindle Spacers for racing go karts by PKT. These are precision milled to fit your go kart spindles, with a 17mm stub / shoulder. Each spacer is a great way to rapidly adjust your front track width, and safely keep your front hubs or wheels in place on the spindle where they belong!


These spacers are ideal for spacing the front hubs or wheels on the front steering spindles on any racing kart. Each spindle spacer fits most Kid Karts, Cadet Karts, as well as full-size kart chassis that utilize a 17mm spindle. 

Each spacer is anodized black for style and durability, to reduce drag on components or during installation on the spindle. 

Each spacer is CNC-milled, with raised edges along the shoulders to minimize separation among the spacers. 

Available in several widths!

  • 5mm width (full dimensions 17.07mm ID, 24.02mm OD, 5mm width)
  • 10mm width (full dimensions 17.07mm ID, 24.02mm OD, 10mm width
  • 20mm width (full dimensions 17.07mm ID, 24.10mm OD, 20.00mm width)

Each spacer is sold individually.

Depending on the stub-axle width of your spindle, you may need more or less spacers to shim your hub properly.