Trackside Services

Point is proud to provide outstanding track-side support to go kart racers across Colorado. In 2020, our team will be attending every Colorado Karting Tour event, with a full compliment of components, services, and resources to make sure every racer at the track can stay on track performing at their best!


No matter how much one prepares, surprises happen at the kart track: components break, accidents happen, and the setup of your kart isn't always ideal. For those moments, we're there at every race to help! At every CKT event our parts trailer is stocked with components every karter needs - from tie rods, to tires, and even oils, Point Karting is there to keep you on track. 

We take a collaborative approach to support local karters - no matter your chassis, budget, or category, we are there to help. We don't require you to have a certain sticker on your kart, or for it to be a certain brand. Point Karting's goal on race day is for you to be able to keep racing at the highest level possible. 

Kart Services & Diagnosis

Often, racers need a little more assistance track side than just handing them a part. For those moments, Point is always open to assist racers when they finds themselves stumped. Often, a customer may not know why their engine is operating poorly, or need assistance changing a set of tires. From the basics to more advanced issues, we are there to help! 

Common services we assist drivers and teams with (but not at all limited to) are:

  • Front End Alignments
  • Tires Changes (also Readings, Consultations)
  • Engine Diagnosis (Operation, Tuning)
  • Driver Coaching: Data / Video Analysis, Trackside Observation
  • Seat Placement, Adjustments
  • Raceday strategy, Preparation
  • Technical Inspections
  • General Repairs and maintenance (aka - the 'all hands thrash!')

Trackside | Hours of Operation 

Often, racers are present at the track on days prior to race day. We take this into account, as we are always open track side at each venue the day prior to race day as well. For example, if a CKT event is slated for a Sunday, Point Karting will also be present the day prior (Saturday) at that track. 

For both Saturday and Sunday at CKT events, our hours of operation are:
07:00 AM to 05:00 PM 

A Wide Array of Brands on Hand

While we don't stock every single item available on our site in our parts trailer on race day, competitors can expect a full array of components for the following brand lines: 

Briggs & Stratton (206) Amsoil Lubricants & Cleaners Righetti Ridolfi TDC - MFG
Duro Tire VLR Kart Swift CKR Kart
DR Kart RLV Sniper Kart Master

For those looking for a little more support on race day, Point Karting does offer our priority race support program. This program is designed to assist racers to be the best they can be on race day, by providing race day mentorship and mechanical support both newcomers and experienced karters.