Racing Go Kart Safety Gear

From go kart helmets, to go kart rib vests, kart racing suits, neck protection, and even balaclavas, Point Karting has you covered - literally! Safety should always be your top priority and every racing kart enthusiast knows that there is no substitute for quality safety gear. We stock high-quality safety gear from top brands such as K1 Race Gear, Zamp Helmets, and Valhalla Armadillo. Our huge selection of go kart racing helmets and other safety gear is offered in sizes ranging from XXL, extra large (XL), large, medium, and small. If you're not sure on your exact size and fit, don't worry - our sizing charts are very thorough, and we are always available to help make sure you get the right gear, in the right size, every time. There's a lot that goes into sizing and fitting safety gear and we strongly suggest reaching out to us if you have questions on any component of safety gear available from our selection of go kart racing gear and safety equipment.