About Us


The Sport of Karting isn't about a brand.
It isn't about a product.
It isn't about a team. 

Karting is about you. 

At Point Karting, we live this ethos each and every day we are at the track, in the shop, or interacting with our customers.

As you may have discovered, there's a lot of noise out there in the sport. What's missing in this dynamic is the voice of the racer. Products should be improved based on karter feedback, and explained to the customer. You deserve more than a "use this and you will win" explanation. That simply isn't acceptable. 

At Point Karting, we are striving to constantly improve our site to be the number one resource for go kart parts, knowledge, and advocacy for the most important part of the equation...you! 

Don't settle for blindly following a tent team's recommendation. Don't settle for lackluster customer service. Don't settle for a lack of information about the sport you love so dearly. You deserve a better experience. At Point Karting, we are building a new direction. 

Join us on the journey. Together, let's drive this sport forward into a new way of thinking about how the racer's voice matters. From the smallest bolt, to the engine, to the safety gear you choose, the sport of karting grows when racers grow. 

Reach out to us to join the conversation, and let us know about how Point Karting Empowers you to go further on track.