Repairs and Maintenance

Located in Arvada, Colorado, Point Karting is the region's leading resource for go kart maintenance services and go kart repairs. From a routine tune-up to specialized fabrication and frame straightening, Point Karting has you covered! Like many racing machines go karts require routine maintenance. If you've fallen behind on this routine or are lost on where to start, our team can help!

With more than a decade of experience with a variety of makes, models, and performance levels, Point Karting is your go-to solution for services, including: 

Damage Repair

Sometimes karting can become a contact sport. With this in mind, Point Karting offers crash damage and parts repair services to racers within the region. From a thrown chain to a bent frame, our team can tackle the job efficiently and thoroughly!

Cleaning and Race Day Preparation 

Our team believes in the value of intense preparation for competition events. From setup advice, to kart inspection, our team takes race-ready in a literal sense by providing our clients a kart ready to perform on the track! 

Engine Diagnostics

Specializing in the Briggs 206 engine package, Point Karting can diagnose most engine issues or components that need replacement. For items requiring more demanding tolerances and engineering, our team is proud to partner with BBS Racing Engines to provide an outstanding karting experience. Together, we can face any engine issue or malady you are facing with your kart! 

Parts Replacement, Installation

Both trackside as well as in our showroom, Point Karting is fully-stocked with the parts you need to alter your kart's handling, upgrade to the latest and greatest, or simply install a much-needed repair part.

No matter the item you are missing chances are we have it! With an attention to detail second-to-none, we carry components from leading brands such as Righetti Ridolfi, CKR, DR Racing Kart, Invader, Swift, and Briggs & Stratton, as well as many more! 

Race-day Preparation

Point Karting offers full race-day preparation. From assembling new karts to performance optimization of existing karts, our team will work with you to make sure every item is buttoned up and ready to race. 

Often our services include specialized cleaning, frame inspection, component replacement, and safety certification processes. 

Parts Replacement, Damage Services

For karts with damage or broken parts, we offer the solution! By identifying the history of your particular kart, our team can assist in finding even the most obscure parts in the United States! 
Point Karting has hundreds of components on hand for racers to choose from - from steering shafts to axles and seats, we carry a lot! 

Kart Inspection, Cleaning

Apprehensive about the status of your kart? Don't worry - our team is expert at using the right solvents and materials on your kart to give it the perfect treatment. Inspecting a racing machine takes time and patience, and attention to detail - all of which we possess!

The best way to know the status of your kart is through bringing it to Point Karting for a general inspection. Together, the team at Point Karting and you can familiarize everyone to the chassis, and inspect each element to ensure the kart is race-ready. 

For those looking to stand out in the pit area, our shop is fully equipped with industrial cleaning options and tools to make any kart shine.