Chassis Straightening

Point Karting is proud to offer go kart racers in Colorado our professional chassis straightening service. At the core of the kart, the chassis is the most crucial element to inspect regularly for damage, wear, or failure. If a chassis has been bent in an accident, we can likely straighten it!  From full size chassis, to cadet and kid karts, our table can handle anything you throw at it. Our table is adjustable to a variety of kart chassis makes, models, and sizes, allowing us to service your kart chassis no matter the brand, color, or age. 

Go Kart Chassis Straightening Table Service Table


Utilizing our chassis table is ideal for kart racers who are:

  • Seeking a fix for a bent frame - we've all been there! Sometimes, accidents happen. Often, accidents that bend tie rods or steering shafts also bend the frame. For those, our table can help bring your frame back to life. 
  • Selling a kart - Know your chassis is straight and true before bringing it to the used market! 
  • Considering a new or used kart - Understand your potential investment! Let our team help you determine the status of the chassis through thorough inspection


Each chassis is subjected to a 22-point inspection, which is documented for customer review before and after straightening. Multiple table sessions will result in multiple reports - so this table can be a great way to monitor the aging or change of your chassis over time. 

If a chassis is determined to be twisted or out of spec, our team can adjust the frame back into shape. Most commonly these twists or bends can come in areas such as the chassis waist, or rear frame horn areas. 

Point Karting has placed considerable time and effort into developing our consistent, repeatable, and nuanced tool for observing the status of your kart chassis. 


The price for straightening or inspecting your chassis can vary slightly. Ultimately, this is dictated by the severity of the condition of the kart, and associated labor involved. Each straightening inspection is subject to a flat fee, with additional labor charges as follows:

  • Chassis Inspection, Straightening (on table, regardless of time): $100.00
  • Chassis tear-down, re-assembly (to be ready for table or post-table): $30.00 /hr

To avoid additional labor charges, please bring all kart chassis to Point Karting with the following items removed:

  • Wheels removed (rims and tires)
  • All bodywork removed (side pods, front bumper, rear bumper)
    • uprights and front nassau panel may remain). 
  • Engine Package removed (and ideally associated accessories such as radiators, chains, etc.)

Booking Your Appointment

To schedule your appointment with Point Karting for a chassis inspection, view our appointment booking portal here:

 Upon receipt of your booking request, our team will contact you to coordinate the exact details of your assessment request, drop-off and pick-up times for your chassis.