Under Review: TDC Brake Bleeder Tool

Under Review: TDC Brake Bleeder Tool

Maintaining the brakes on your racing go kart is no small task without the right tools. TDC's brake bleed tool packs a lot of engineering into a simple package, making a tricky task for most karters super simple. 

At Point Karting, we're all about the racer - which is why we've chosen to take you through how this tool works, and why you really want it in your toolbox on race day! 

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Let's get straight to the point - a lot of master cylinders on go karts are maddeningly small when it comes to the amount of fluid in the system. Because of this, it is pretty hard to effectively bleed them, as even 1 to 2 cycles with the bleed screws causes enough fluid loss to re-introduce fluid into the system.

When you're in a rush at the track or in the garage, this can create a frustrating pattern of chasing the same problem over and over: you bleed the brakes, re-fill, and there's still air! Argh! Fortunately, brake bleeder tools like this one from TDC Manufacturing are here to help.

With a clear plastic reservoir overhead a durable riser shaft, and threaded adapters to fit multiple types of brake master cylinders and systems, TDC's brake bleeder tool is a step above the average tool in this category. An integrated on-off valve on the tool allows for simulating returning the master cylinder to 'closed' status as you bleed the brakes, a crucial step to making sure your brakes are actually gaining pressure as you bleed them.

After bleeding the caliper once or twice, simply open the reservoir valve on the bleeder, and re-fill the master cylinder with fluid. Since the system is all connected, this means one crucial thing - no more air re-introduced! Now that is a great time saver. 

Features and Details

The TDC Brake Bleeder Tool also has several important features that karters should know about:

  • The 'on/off' valve for the bleeder is integrated into the stem, and utilizes a smooth ball-valve operation. This is the red-tabbed device noted in the pictures of the bleeder.
  • The thread adapters for master cylinders is initially an M10 thread, but TDC has made an extended adapter that threads onto the main body that raises the whole bleeder approximately 2.5." This helps with clearing steering wheels on certain karts, where otherwise as you loosen or tighten the brake bleeder it will hit the wheel. 
  • Additionally, M6 threaded adapters are available with this bleeder. These are great for adapting the bleeder tool to smaller brake caliper fill holes, found on many CRG or Righetti-derived brake systems and master cylinders.