How to Replace the Cylinder Head on a Briggs 206

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How to Replace the Cylinder Head on a Briggs 206

Learning how to replace the cylinder head assembly and the head gasket on a Briggs 206 go kart engine is one of the most important tasks to master for the weekend kart racer. By removing the head assembly, access to the head gasket as well as many areas for inspection and service can be accomplished, be it by the racer or by a technical official at a race.

Staying on top of the maintenance regimen for your cylinder head on the 206 is crucial to long-lasting performance out of your racing engine - to not do so is to allow intake or exhaust valves to leak, carbon deposits to build up, and head gaskets to leak, or worst case, fail entirely due to the strain performance karting events can take on these humble engines.

In this video, we're diving deep into the process, as Point Karting's Eric Gunderson outlines the fundamental steps necessary to follow if you want to disassemble your Briggs 206 engine for a tech official, or your own home maintenance. 

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