Rotax Drive Sprocket Bushing (11-Tooth)

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Hardened steel clutch bushing for Rotax Max Kart engines and 11t #219 drive sprockets. This bushing is required to run an 11-tooth drive sprocket on the Rotax Max Evo, Rotax MY20 versions of the popular Rotax FR125 platform.

Each clutch bushing is manufactured of hardened steel and milled precisely by Righetti Ridolfi to provide a fantastic surface for the 11t #219 sprocket to revolve on the crankshaft of any Rotax FR125.

Note: Most sprockets on the Rotax kart engine utilize a needle bearing within the drive sprocket - the 11t sprocket is the exception to this! Make sure all components including this bushing are on hand when you are considering running the smallest sprocket commonly available for a Rotax engine.

Each bushing is sold individually, with no additional mounting hardware or drivetrain components.

Ideal For: Rotax drive system support
Fits rotax evo clutch

Note: use with 11-tooth drive sprocket only!