PKT Kart Axle Removal Tool

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This kart axle removal tool by Precision Karting Technologies is the ideal tool for stubborn, bent, or worn go kart axles that just won't budge! Changing axles at the track is always a pressure-sensitive endeavor, so you don't want to be without this tool in your toolbox on race day, or for practice.
With interchangeable heads that allow the tool to be customized to your particular application, PKT's axle removal tool is adaptable to 25, 30, 40, or 50mm axle applications. The tapered flange on the head of the tool fits within the inner diameter of the axle, with enough adjustment that even axles in certain diameters with rather thick wall tubing adapt just fine as well. Each head is double-sided, to extend its service life over years of pounding away at axles. One side worn out or damaged? Simply unbolt, flip to the other side, and go again!
The handle is knurled for refined grip, with a threaded master bolt for securing the striking head, again adjustable depending on your axle size. All removable heads are also hard anodized black for added durability.
Kit and Option Details

Choose from a complete kit, or single replacement heads:

    • The complete removal kit comes with:
      • (1) 25mm removal head
      • (1) 30mm removal head
      • (1) 40mm removal head
      • (1) 50mm removal head
      • (1) Pusher Handle
    • Or, order any of the above components individually