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Cable clamp for racing kart throttle cables, brake cables, and clutches by PKT. Milled from aluminum and anodized in jet black, the PKT cable clamp is a must have for all sorts of clamping functions. Keep control of your kart with these small but precision made clamps!

This clamp is ideal for clamping throttle cables, brake safety cables, and PKT's rear bumper safety cable kits, as well as just about any other item that needs to not slip!

(2) Small, flat-point set screws thread into the main body of the clamp, and ensure a tight fit for the cables inserted into the cable clamp body. This type of set screw prevents marring of the cables, or separation of braided steel cables.

The tapered ends of the cable clamp prevent binding or hanging up of the clamp on tight corners or spaces, which is very useful around driver's feet or on areas that rotate regularly.

Anodized in black, for durability and style.

Each clamp is sold separately, with (2) flat point screws included with each clamp.