Aluminum Countersunk Washers for Racing Go Kart Hardware

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Aluminum Countersunk Washers for racing go kart hardware. Ideal for metric flat-head allen bolts, countersunk to fit these washers perfectly. Available in black, gold, or silver anodized colors, these washers are great to finish off mounting kart bodywork, seats, or steering hardware.

A countersunk finishing washer is both aesthetically pleasing, but also structurally sound as a choice to finish off flat-head metric bolts. The tapered inner edge of these washers fits tightly with the tapered underside of the bolt head, assisting in holding the bolt tightly square against the item they are securing.
Each washer is available in multiple colors - black, gold, or silver - anodized finish on each item.
Washer Dimensions
The washers available here come in two sizes - M8 and M6, with the following dimensions:
  • M8 (ID) x 5.9mm (Height) x 19mm (OD)
  • M6 (ID) x 4.5mm (Height) x 18mm (OD)
Each washer is sold individually.