Briggs & Stratton LO206 Complete Exhaust Kit

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Briggs & Stratton LO206 Spec exahsut pipe kit, with everything you need to complete your exhaust system, or an extras with everything you need to bolt on the entire kit This is the spec and legal pipe to run with your Briggs 206 racing engine! 

The kit includes:

    • (1) Briggs LO206 spec pipe (P/N 5507)
    • (1) B91XL silencer (spec LO206 silencer P/N 4104)
    • (1) Supra silencer clamp (clamp to secure exhaust silencer.
    • (1) Briggs 206 exhaust mounting system (front and rear support mounting brackets. This includes (3) hose clamps, even though image shows only 2.
**NOTE** This kit does Not come with Exhaust header bolts, or exhaust header wrap. If you want those, select "Complete Kit Plus Extras" option in the drop-down menu.