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This is hands down the best kit you can get for your OTK kart!

12 asymmetric bushes with double the holes of the standard OTK eccentric bushes. 
The kit fits Ø10 m bolts but can easily be changed to Ø8 bolts.

The kit contains 6 left bushes and 6 right bushes and 2 magnetic covers, which will fit on top of the bushes and then hide your settings for the opponents. 

With this Castor Kit you have the absolute best opportunity to get the maximum potential for the setup of YOUR kart.

You can tweak the front setup down to the last detail which can be the winning factor at the end of the race weekend on the track. Our castor kit is divided with dots and contains the following:

Centered bush: No Castor
1 dot : Minimum Castor
2 dots : Less Castor
3 dots : Standard Castor
4 dots : More Castor
5 dots : Max Castor

Specially designed for OTK karts which is the manufactor of Tony kart, Kosmic kart, Exprit kart, Redspeed and EOS.