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DO7K Kart Shoe by Freem. Made by bespoke kart safety gear manufacturers in Italy, the DO7K Sensitive model features intelligent creation in a durable package. Designed to be the ultimate answer to comfort and performance on the pedals, The DO7K shoe keeps you poised and perfect on the throttle and brakes in your racing kart. Combined from quality pieces of Eco-minded leather and robust anchoring for long life, the DO7K shoe stands out from the crowd in design paired with quality!


Freem is known worldwide for their tailored safety gear solutions, and the DO7K is no exception. Stylish and precisely manufactured, this karting shoe is flexible in all the right places, and firm in the heel and foot pad area. A breathable upper panel keeps your feet cool without exposing them to dust and debris, while the upper laces and cross-velcro strap keep your ankle secure - no ankle slippage in this shoe!

Freem has even considered vibration dampening in the design of their shoe - installing a dampening material into the insole to keep your feet comfortable, heightening your sensation of the kart on the foot stop and through the floortray as you drive.

The DO7K shoe is available in both black/silver and blue / silver, in a variety of sizes.


The DO7K Sensitive shoe is available in quite a few sizes, all in European sizing. Don't worry, for our American customers we have a conversion chart right here. Check out the size guide below to find your right fit!

Note: 47 and 48 are custom fit shoe sizes,