Freem Brave Rib Protector - Aluminum

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Built to last and out-perform, the Brave line of Freem chest and rib protectors for kart racers is a safety gear standout. With a hard outer shell and soft inner lining /padding, the Brave keeps you secure in the seat without the pain of a true hard-shell vest. 


The term 'aluminum' in this protector refers to the color - not the materials! Freem has progressed far beyond metal to design this vest. A proprietary binding process makes the outer shell and the inner lining as one during production. Additional spinal support at the rear of the vest keeps you comfortable and safe against the rear of the seat. 

Adjustable shoulder and chest straps mean that you can tailor the vest to fit you just right! The Freem Brave vest is a vest that withstand the bumps and curbs of a racer's karting adventure. 


A rib vest is only as good as your sizing to it! Take care to consult the sizing chart below to consider the best fitment for your Brave Rib Vest: