Briggs 206 Engine Re-Fresh

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With Point Karting's Briggs & Stratton 206 engine refresh service, you can keep your kart on track making proper power with an efficient, clean, and well-sorted engine. Our team will fully disassemble, inspect, clean, and repair your Briggs 206 to get it back into fighting shape, no matter how many hours are on it, or your competitive ambition.


Point Karting's team works diligently with each customer to understand the issues present within their engine program, and to find every ounce of performance out of the humble 206. For most customers, our re-fresh services gets your engine back up to speed by conducting routine maintenance items that are often neglected.

During each engine refresh, common points of service performed include:

  • Comprehensive leak-down testing before and after service
  • Internal component measuring and analysis
  • Cleaning of internal and external components utilizing industrial solvents and ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Head Gasket Replacement (compulsory whenever removing head from engine)
  • Oil flush and change
  • Head inspection, correction, and setting
  • Parts replacement - as necessary
    • Catch-Can 'Burp' Install (upgrade)
    What Might We Find?


    While not all-encompassing, Point Karting finds that each engine we inspect has one of several common issues present within it. These common maintenance habits (or lack thereof) by customers tend to be the largest contributors to loss of engine performance with the 206:

    • Lengthy interval between oil changes (damages cylinder wall)
    • Poor valve adjustment
    • Warpage within the head area (yielding out-of-spec geometry)
    • Poor clutch adjustment or maintenance (can damage crankshaft or clutch).

    While not all-encompassing, we do find these issues to be most prevalent with hobbyist or newer racers who bring their engines to our facility.



    For the engine re-fresh service we charge an initial flat rate. Additional components that are to be replaced if deemed necessary are billed at retail costs.

    As of March 2022, this service is shipped out, meaning the engine arrives to us, we ship it on to our partners, and then ship back. Some disassembly happens here at the shop prior to shipping, with associated parts logged and set aside for re-assembly upon return of the motor to us.

      Preparing Your 206 for A Re-Fresh

       In order for us to process your engine as fast as possible, please deliver your engine to us in the following condition:

        • Motor mount completely removed from engine (no base plates, clamps, etc.) If you wish to give this to us separately for cleaning, we will do so on a complimentary basis, but working with these engines is much easier with the mount off.
        • Fuel drained from carburetor, fuel lines. We understand this is not always easy to remember, but if you can, there's a drain plug on the bottom of the carburetor bowl that facilitates this within seconds.
        • Exhaust and exhaust silencer still on engine. Please do not remove the exhaust pipe, especially.
        • Oil as engine last ran still in engine. A basic visual inspection of this oil during draining is always helpful to see if serious issues are present in the engine (shavings in oil, or 'burnt' color of oil are indicatives of major issues).


      To schedule your appointment with Point Karting for an engine re-fresh, check out online, or email us at (or call 720.446.8860) and we will get arrival of the engine and subsequent shipment coordinated.