Driver Coaching


Since 2016, Point Karting has focused on delivering personalized performance driving instruction to kart racers of all ages, experience levels, and competitive environments. 

From our very first client, Point Karting's parent organization, Apex Predator Driver Development has utilized in-person observation, data and video analysis, and progressive techniques to find the potential within each driver. 

Our vision is to be flexible to our client's needs - a student cannot learn without the right environment! As a result, our success with our racers has been built around a focus on tailoring the coaching environment to the strengths of each driver. 

Always adaptable, Point Karting's one-on-one driver coaching program works to quickly assess a racer's current abilities, then use appropriate industry-leading tools to coach and improve performance. From simple visual observation, to granular data analysis, our team has the tools and experience you need to unleash your inner driving potential. 

Whether a client is completely new to performance driving or a seasoned veteran, Point Karting's coaching staff has the experience, tools, and demonstrated ability to progressively and consistently improve client's performance driving habits and skill. 

To learn more about our specialized line of driver coaching services, follow along the sections in our 'Driver Coaching' tab on our website!