Briggs 206 Re-Fresh

The Briggs & Stratton 206 engine is one of our specialties at Point Karting, and we are proud to offer our customers nationwide a professional refresh service option to keep their engines in top shape.

Service Overview

Due to the stringent regulations surrounding the Briggs 206, there are limited areas for improvement or adjustment on the engine. However, this does not mean that these engines are maintenance free!

In particular, Point Karting has found that these low-horsepower, air-cooled engines tend to lose performance within the head area of the engine progressively over time. Having a full inspection conducted on the engine is therefore advisable.

Our Process

During our inspections, we begin with an engine leak-down test to gain an understanding of the health of the engine. Next, we proceed to tear down the engine completely (well, to the short block, really), and inspect every part and piece for wear, fatigue, or lost performance. At this time, if head work or refinement of surfaces is deemed necessary, these services will be conducted in accordance with Briggs & Stratton national rule sets. Lastly, parts are then cleaned utilizing our ultra-sonic and industrial solvent cleaners, and engine is carefully re-assembled. If a component is deemed in need of replacement, we carry a full-line of official Briggs 206 parts to ensure each job is done right. 

Common Findings

Many of our customers inquire what they can expect us to find when conducting an engine tear down. With dozens of motors under our belt, the following are the most common issues we see, and likely an issue with your motor if you feel it is down on power:

  • Lengthened intervals between oil changes (damages cylinder wall, causing compression loss)
  • Exhaust or intake valve leaks (leak-down test)
  • Exhaust system leaks (warped or damaged exhaust head bolts)
  • Head Gasket failure (less common, but dramatic)
  • Poor valve adjustment
  • Parts Failure:
    • Crankshaft gouging (Flywheel or clutch)
    • Coil / Ignition failure
    • Carburetor gaskets or internals worn