Track Side Services

No matter how much one prepares, surprises happen at the kart track: components break, accidents happen, and the setup of your kart isn't always ideal. For those moments, Point Karting is there to help! At every CKT event our parts trailer is stocked with components every karter needs - from tie rods, to tires, and even oils, we're there to help keep you on track. 

We take a collaborative approach to support local karters - no matter your chassis, budget, or category, we are there to help. We don't require you to have a certain sticker on your kart or for it to be a certain brand. Point Karting's goal on race day is for you to be able to keep racing at the highest level possible. Click Here for a list of our trackside services. 

For those looking for a little more support on race day, Point Karting does offer our Trackside Suppor Programs, designed to assist racers to be the best they can be on race day by providing race day mentorship and mechanical support to both newcomers and experience karters.