Odenthal GoPro TUFF-CASE Camera Case

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Capture every exhilarating moment of your race day with the Odenthal Racing Products TUFF-KASE. Designed for performance and protection, this robust aluminum GoPro case is tailor-made for racing enthusiasts.

The TUFF-KASE is designed to securely house GoPro Hero models 9, 10, and 11. Built for extreme conditions, it boasts polycarbonate front and rear lens covers for increased rigidity and impact resistance, providing ultimate protection for your camera during high-speed maneuvers.

The TUFF-KASE's innovative design allows it to be paired perfectly with the new EZGP anti-vibration isolator from Odenthal, ensuring you get the smoothest and most reliable footage, free of vibration errors.

To enhance safety and convenience, each TUFF-KASE comes with a key ring and wire tether. Please note, for optimal performance, the TUFF-KASE must be used with the new Camera Mount Isolator (sold separately), and can be easily added to the Odenthal Camera Mount.

Get ready to record every winning moment with unparalleled clarity, all while protecting your GoPro from the rigors of the racetrack. Elevate your on-track sessions with the Odenthal TUFF-KASE.