MOTUL "Factory Line" Chain Lube

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This is the best chain lube on the market, we use it daily with our race program!
  • Lubricant for road motorcycle chains
  • White colored and sticky
  • Spray


  • All types of chains: Standard and with O-RING, X-RING, Z-RING
  • Developed from Motul's experience in MotoGP and Superbike racing, only for road use (sticky product) , MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line is a lubricant specifically developed to lubricate racing motorcycle chains: Road Racing and Endurance.
  • Specially developed for race bikes :
  • MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line adheres to the chain even at high speeds.


  • Thanks to its Boron Tech formula, MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line reduces the rolling resistance, increases transmission efficiency and keeps its lubricant properties under high temperature.
  • Increases chain lifespan.
  • Water and rust resistant.
  • Protects O-rings, X-rings and Z-rings.
  • Contains a solvent to eliminate old residue and to penetrate into the links.
  • White colored for easier application.


  • Clean the chain with MOTUL CHAIN CLEAN.
  • Shake before use.
  • Apply to the whole length of the inner chain : easy application thanks to the white color of MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line.
  • MOTUL CHAIN LUBE Factory Line adheres completely after 10 minutes of drying.
  • Refer to the information mentioned on the label and the MSDS sheet.