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KG is proud to introduce the Model 508, a revolutionary product meticulously engineered for superior aerodynamics. This innovative design features a unique venturi conduit, specifically aimed at redirecting airflow away from the driver, achieving an outstanding 2% overall reduction in aerodynamic drag.

To ensure the highest level of performance, KG employed advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations, complemented by rigorous on-track testing using a specially calibrated system of pitot tubes. These tubes, which measure air pressure to determine speed, validated the effectiveness and brilliance of KG's design.

During real-world testing, the Model 508 demonstrated exceptional results. At speeds of 125 km/h, KG's design revealed a substantial differential in speed between the entry and exit points of the conduit—an astonishing 7 meters per second, equating to more than 25 km/h. The conduit even maintained superior performance at lower speeds like 50 km/h, achieving an acceleration of 2 meters per second.

The pitot tubes used in the testing sessions are similar to those employed in Formula 1 development, providing further validation of the design's capability to improve airflow directions.

Choose the KG Model 508 for unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency and elevate your performance to new heights.