Invader Chassis

With a bespoke approach to kart manufacturing, Invader kart has a long history of on-track success in performance kart racing hailing all the way back to the 1970s. Each chassis is hand-built by the Nelson family in Reno, Nevada, and supports a hard-core, dedicated group of racers that compete at the highest levels of karting, including the extremely competitive KPX karting series. 
Hand tailored by a small group of karters in California, the Invader kart is an outstanding example of ingenuity that can come from a custom approach. Point Karting supports Invader karts and parts nationwide.

Point is proud to support the Invader kart line for racers looking for a unique, bespoke chassis that will fit their exact needs. Want to learn more about the Invader line of karts? Check out the chassis options here, or reach out to us at