VP Racing Trigger Fluid Control System

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VP Racing Trigger Fluid Control System by VP Racing Fuels. The Fuel Trigger is the ultimate control for your fuel flow into your tank! The fuel trigger threads into standard american fuel jugs from VP, Scribner, and more.


With a patent-pending self-venting flow valve, the fuel trigger is designed to be used with any standard racing fuel jug. Of course, VP developed this to thread into their VP Fuel jugs, but the thread will mate with Scribner fuel jugs and LC-2 fuel jugs as well.

To use, tilt the container, press the trigger, and boom! No more fussing with the tip angle of the fuel jug, or jostling the bleed valve on the fuel jug - this has a built in siphon to help vent and purge the fuel flowing through the system. This means that every pour is the same, every pour consistent and easy. The entire fuel jug can be inverted and fluid will not flow unless the trigger is pressed!

Each trigger kit is sold separately, with all pictured.