VP C12 Racing Fuel (5 Gallon)

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***Note: This item is not available for shipping! The only exception to this is for trackside delivery at race events (with an order in advance). If you are not meeting us at a race track for a race event, any fuel ordered with us will be available for pickup at our store in Arvada, CO. ***

5 Gallon Pail of VP C12 fuel. Available in sealed 5-gallon fuel cans at our headquarters in Arvada, Colorado! This is the spec. fuel for the following categories at The Colorado Karting Tour:

  • KA 100 (100 Senior)
  • Open TaG (depends on motor, run a leaded race fuel)
  • Shifter

All fuel will be purchased prior to the event based on demand and pre-orders received by our customers, and delivered on-site to racers at the appropriate Colorado Karting Tour event!

Technical Information

VP C12 fuel has an average octane rating of 112.

VP also uses a test called a 'motor octane test' and this comes out at 108.

For Most Karts, mixing ratio is typically 8oz of oil per gallon of fuel, although this can vary from engine to engine. We suggest consulting us or technical manuals for your specific engine to fine the optimal mix ratio.